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It took five years, two babies and two failed businesses to convince Clayton to join my business. But here we are!
And what's funny, he thrives as a wedding videographer, and loves it! 
We've learned that sometimes you have to be broken in order to be humble enough to see the path God's put in front of you. Haha, we just wish we would've "seen" it sooner! 

But we're so glad that it ended up working out that way!

The plan wasn't to do this together...

Keeping the integrity of the natural beauty that is already there, vs being trendy.


Yes, every picture you've seen has been directed to an extent. We thrive in this area!


Color is happy, and joyful. Just like our brides. That's why we celebrate it in our edits.


Why we do what we do, Idaho photo & video team 

Mckenna & Clayton

Our Business officially got started while McKenna was going to College for Photography. She wanted to start her business, and thought she could kill two birds with one stone, by doing an entrepreneur internship and getting school credit for doing something that she loves! So that's what she did.

// from humble beginnings


Then McKenna got pregnant. What a wonderful surprise and momentum stopper. After working very hard for one dream, her dreams switched and her focus went to trying not to get too sick at her day job while being a full-time student. 

// Big Surprise


Thankfully, McKenna graduated. Moved away from Idaho, then came back. We had another baby, and now Clayton has made the jump to join the business by adding Videography! Working together + being able to be there for our kids is our dream! So here we are making that dream happen by serving wonderful people. 

// Today's Reality


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